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The High School Sports Mascots

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The project

Teenagers wanting ridiculously cool, strong mascots to replace their ‘boring’ school house names – Who wouldn’t want to do this project?! Especially with a creative, proactive and pretty cool Head Teacher at the helm. A very fun job.


4 school sports ‘house’ Logos and accompanying Style guide.


Graphic Design, Logo Design.

The service

This high school had 4 sports ‘houses’ – Red, Blue, Yellow and Green, with standard names.

They wanted a fun change. They wanted to inject some competition, some ‘awesomeness’, and a healthy touch of competition into the houses – and how better to do that than student design driven, and video game styled mascots?

Cyn recieved some hand drawings for the Viking Warrior above and a Ninja, below. With a consultation with the school teacher and office administration, some pinterest images for inspiration, and some artistic licence, these 4 logos were born. Big banners were made and now hang above the sports grounds for every competition day.

Which is your favourite?

Go team!

Logo 1


Logo 2

Logo 3

Logo 4

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